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How to Write a Non-Compete Agreement for Clients

Non-compete agreements are very important in business as they ensure that employees won’t leave a company to immediately begin working for competitors. Writing a non-compete agreement for clients allows a company to protect their business from direct competition from employees they have trained.

Choosing the Best Document Scanning Settings

Scanners make the creation of digital copies of documents easy. Most scanners have several different settings options to choose from, however, so it’s important that you are choosing the best document scanning settings for your specific documents.

Google Books Citations for Academic Works

A number of students are finding that they can locate out-of-print and hard-to-find books on Google Books. Citations for academic works can be taken from these books with little difficulty, provided that the citations are formatted correctly within the finished work.

Hanging Punctuation in Typography

Hanging punctuation is used to maintain the formatting of text blocks and other stylistic text, placing certain punctuation marks in the margins of the text to maintain the text’s look. Hanging punctuation may be a difficult concept to envision at first, but with examples it quickly becomes clear.

Common Google Checkout Problems

Google Checkout is an online payment gateway designed to compete with services such as PayPal and Bill Me Later. Customers and merchants alike have been reporting Google Checkout problems since its creation in 2006, however. These problems negatively affect merchant transactions and online shopping.

Copyrights for Google Video Player Explained

Google Video Player was a media player released by Google for use with their Google Videos media hosting service. Because the player is designed to play and download the same videos that were hosted by Google Videos, the same copyright concerns applied.

The Basics of Ad Design – Drawing In the Viewer

Designing effective ads requires knowledge of the basics of ad design to better get your point across. Drawing in your audience’s attention and placing ad components in the right order will help your ads to be noticed, making readers and viewers more interested in your product, service, or website.

Widows & Orphans in Typography: Abandoned Lines of Text

“Widows” and “orphans” are often referred to when learning about page layout and typography. The two concepts are related, as both are terms for abandoned lines on a page. A widow is abandoned text at the end of a paragraph, while orphans are abandoned text at the beginning of a paragraph.

How Can I Resize Pages in Scribus?

If you’re looking for a free, open-source desktop publishing program that is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms, you may find an answer in Scribus. Resize pages in Scribus when you need to through resetting margins and other techniques you will learn in this Bright Hub article.

How to Make GIMP Brushes

The GIMP is a popular free and open-source alternative to image manipulation programs such as Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. GIMP users can make custom brushes for use in the program, allowing them to have complete control over their images. There are two primary methods of making GIMP brushes.

How to Find and Install Disney Fonts for Microsoft Word

How to Find and Install Disney Fonts for Microsoft Word

Disney has created a number of instantly recognizable fonts for their movies, tv shows, and theme parks. Full versions of these fonts can be downloaded for Microsoft Word and other programs using a number of free font websites. The fonts are easy to install and can be used in any system program.

Office 2010 Upgrades Editions

With the release of Office 2010 in June, many Office users are wondering whether their current versions will be upgradeable to the new Office product. Microsoft is offering several options to let users upgrade to Office 2010, including trial version upgrades and the Microsoft Technology Guarantee.