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Patent Questions – How Long Does a Patent Last?

Patents are designed to protect creations and designs, but how long a patent lasts for is dependent on a number of factors. The length of time that a patent offers protection, depends largely on what type of patent is issued and whether required maintenance fees are paid to keep the patent active.

Business Law: Electronic Signatures

Marking an important change to business law, electronic signatures allow individuals and companies to enter into contracts without physically signing them. Previous laws required all contracts to contain a physical signature, but the creation of electronic signatures changed the nature of contracts.

Top 5: The Best Internet Search Engines

There are a lot of search options online, but only a few sites can claim to be one of the best search engines. The best Internet search engines consistently provide quality search results, innovative features and incentives that keep users coming back time and again.

How to Convert RGB to CMYK Images

Different image file types use different color formats for preserving color integrity. Two common color formats are RGB and CMYK; these formats are similar in function but use different color combinations as primary. It’s easy to convert RGB to CMYK in Photoshop and similar graphics programs.

The Bing Rewards Toolbar – Is It Worth Installing?

The Bing Rewards toolbar offers easy access to the Bing search engine while allowing users to earn Bing Rewards credits. These credits can be used to purchase Bing-branded items, gift cards, and other rewards from the Bing Rewards store. Weather, news search and other features are included as well.

Solving Common Google Maps Problems

Google Maps is the popular map and direction service from the search engine giant, Google. Some users experience Google Maps problems when trying to find directions or look up local maps. Fortunately, most common problems with Google Maps are easy to solve.

Using Windows Live Local Map Search

Windows Live Local Maps, also known as Bing Maps, is a map and directions service by Microsoft. Users can view maps, get directions, and use add-on apps that show information such as traffic flow and gas prices. Windows Live Local Maps was rebranded when Windows Live Maps merged with Bing.

Getting the Most from Excite Search

Excite was an early Internet pioneer, providing search engine and news features that are common today. Though overshadowed by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!, Excite still offers a variety of search options including image and news searches to its users.

Converting C Corporations to S Corporations

C corporations and S corporations each have their advantages. If your small business is a C corporation, you may decide that you would see more tax advantages or have greater corporate control with an S corporation instead. Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to convert C corporations to S corporations.

How to Fix Windows 7 NAS Drive Problems

Network attached storage drives provide a convenient way to share files and add additional storage when multiple computers connect to the same network. Some Windows 7 users report problems when trying to access NAS drives, however. Fortunately it is possible to fix Windows 7 NAS drive problems.

Windows 7 and Boot Camp Support

Mac OS X boasts a number of features, but some programs are still being designed for Windows only. If you have a copy of Windows 7 and Boot Camp support on your Mac, you can run both OS X and Windows on the same computer. You’ll then have the choice of Windows or OS X when you boot your Mac.

Is Microsoft Voice Recognition Software Any Good?

Voice recognition software is used to perform a number of common computing tasks without a mouse or keyboard. Microsoft Windows even has its own voice recognition software built into the operating system as an ease-of-use function. But is Microsoft voice recognition software any good?

Choosing the Best Image Search Engine

Most major search engines have image search features which provide you with images that match your search terms. The image search features find and display their results in different ways. Picking the best image search engine means finding the search that best meets your personal preferences.

Examining Office 2010 Group Policy

Office 2010 Group Policy is used to specify settings for groups of users. The network administrator can create a variety of different templates for use with the group settings to make Office 2010 easier for group users to use. Office 2010 Group Policy settings can be changed as needed with ease.

Paying Your Self Employment Taxes Online

Paying self employment taxes online using the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) makes it much easier to manage self employment taxes and ensure that they are paid on time. You can schedule payments in advance, letting EFTPS do the work of processing the payments for you.

Wave Goodbye to Google Wave – Google Wave Discontinued

Google Wave was considered by many to be the future of the web, but as of August 2010 it is no longer being developed. Google Wave was discontinued because it did not see the adoption rate that Google anticipated, with users giving a variety of reasons why they preferred not to use Google Wave.

Obtaining a Wholesale License? Do You Need One?

A wholesale license allows you or your business to make purchases from wholesale sellers who sell items in bulk at a significant discount over what you would be able to find the same products for elsewhere. Before obtaining a wholesale license, however, make sure that you actually need the license.