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When Should H/S Seniors Apply for College? You Decide!

Senior year can be exciting: prom and the like. You are coming of age, about to leave high school and possibly leave home. But what should you do at each stage of high school so as to get into college? When should high school seniors apply to college to ensure maximum success? Read on to find out.

Are Property Taxes Deductible from Income Tax Returns?

Deductions on income tax returns help reduce the tax burden. Homeowners worry about rising property taxes as local taxing authorities find ways to increase revenue to meet their budget deficits in an era of falling property values. But are property taxes deductible from income tax returns? Read on.

Writing the College Application Personal Statement

The personal statement is one of the most important components of your college application packet. There are no formulas for writing it, yet it can make or break your college plans. So how do you write that killer personal statement to get you into your top-choice school? Read on.