M.S. Smith

PC Case Guide: The Basics in PC Cases

Although many users don’t think of their case as something that requires much thought, a PC’s case is actually the cornerstone of the entire system. Buying the right one requires careful consideration – so what should you look for before parting with your cash?

The Fastest SATA SSD: Intel X25-E Extreme

Solid State hard drives are supposedly the future, but the offers available so far have only been modestly better than mechanical drives. Now Intel has debuted its new solid-state drives, and it seems the company that defined the microprocessor will now do the same for the long-term memory market.

3 Top Notebooks – Acer Aspire One Review

PC manufactures are finally learning how to crank out notebook computers that stand out from the crowd, but some notebooks have been particularly stylish. Inside you’ll find three notebooks that look – dare I say it – better than a Mac, but come with PC roots.

Phenom II Preview: Shanghai Shows the Way

This is the first article in a series devoted to the Phenom II processor. This article covers early indicators of Phenom II’s performance, including the Shanghai Opteron, a 45-nm server processor by AMD which is significantly similar to the Phenom II.