M.S. Smith

Best PC Performance Tools – How to Optimize your PC

Over time, PCs seem to feel slower. Part of this is due to new applications and technologies, which always seem to be more demanding than the old ones. But a lack of proper maintenance can also sap performance from your PC. Luckily, there are numerous ways to restore your PC’s former glory.

Top 3 Netbooks – Three Best Netbooks Money can Buy

Netbooks have become the biggest fad to hit mobile computing in decades. Their small size, low price, and mobility makes them as appealing to average users as they are to enthusiasts. Nearly all Netbooks will catch a few envious glare, but there are some that absolutely stand out from the crowd.

Top 3 High End PC Cases – Coolermaster Stacker 830

High-end PC cases are like luxury yachts. Maybe you don’t need one, but spend some time with one, and you’ll be hard pressed not to buy as much as you can afford. With copious amounts of space, incredible exteriors, and high-quality materials, these are the ultimate enclosures for your PC.