M.S. Smith

Nvidia 3D Vision: Future Or Fad?

We’ve had 3D graphics for ages, but Nvidia’s 3D vision takes things to a new level. Using specific hardware and a pair of specially designed glasses, Nvidia’s 3D Vision brings eye-popping theater-style 3D graphics to your gaming PC. But does this technology have a future, or will it be forgotten?

What You Need to Use an HDTV as a Monitor

If you’ve decided that you’d like to use an HDTV as a monitor, then your next step is to figure out what you need. Fortunately, the equipment needed to hook an HDTV to your PC isn’t difficult to come by and won’t break the bank (that’s what the HDTV is for).

Top 3 High-End Processors: Best that Money Can Buy

How times change. Only a few months ago, Intel had the performance edge at nearly every price point. Now, AMD has debuted its new Phenom II processors. But are these new offerings able to fight back against Intel, or are they as forgettable as AMD’s original Phenoms?

How to Sync an Xbox 360 with a PC

The Xbox 360 is an excellent gaming console. But it is also a media center, capable of playing media kept on your home network and streaming that data to your home theater system. Setting up your 360 as a media center isn’t difficult, but you must know the right steps.

ACard Serial ATA RAM Drive – Old Idea, New Hardware

RAM drives have always been a dream of hardware enthusiasts, and remained exactly that – a dream. Until now. Thanks to a company called ACard, a viable RAM drive solution has emerged for the first time in years. But now that the dream is becoming reality, will the magic be lost?

Will Windows 7 Make Vista Obselete?

Suddenly, Windows 7 looks to be right around the corner. Microsoft hasn’t debuted a new OS so quickly since XP put Windows ME to bed. Does this mean that Vista will be buried in the graveyard of operating system mishaps, or is Microsoft’s least popular operating system still have a pulse?

What Does Windows 7 Do For Games?

Microsoft is betting heavily on Windows 7, hoping that the new operating system will redeem the public’s faith in the Windows operating system. But most of the new features seem aimed towards ease-of-use, not performance. Is there anything in Windows 7 that will interest a gamer?