M.S. Smith

Buying On Steam: Do You Really Own Your Games?

Steam has quickly become a popular platform for game distribution, but some have raised questions about the restrictions it places on games bought through the service. Do these restrictions make Steam unappealing, or can the service redeem itself in other ways?

Killer Network Adapters: Do They Work, Or Are They Hype?

Lower lag in mutliplayer is the dream of every on-line gamer. Killer, a company focusing on network adapters for gamers, promises to fulfill that dream with its specially constructed network cards. But do the Killer cards function as advertised, or are they more about marketing than results?

Best 3 Cards For SLI And CrossFire: Radeon 4830

If you want high performance graphics, then SLI and CrossFire should be a consideration. The best SLI and CrossFire configurations are among the fastest graphics solutions money can buy. But you might be surprised to learn that some configurations are a great value, as well.

Phenom II Vs Core 2: Which Processor To Buy

Thanks to the Phenom II, AMD has a product that is highly competitive against a range of processors from Intel. But while the Phenom II is competitive, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy one – but it is no longer wise to assume that Intel has the upper hand across the board.

What is PhysX? Nvidia Support for Video Cards

Hardware acceleration of physics has always been a holy grail of PC gaming, heralded by many but never truly obtainable. However, Nvidia has recently attempted to resolve the problem of physics acceleration by enabling PhysX on its video cards. So what is PhysX, and can you use it?

The Best CPU Cooler Money Can Buy

While stock cooling may be adequate for keeping a normally clocked processor from blowing its top, it is sometimes noisy, and any form of overclocking can quickly push its limits. That is where an upgraded CPU cooler comes in. So which coolers will keep your processor frosty?

The Best Gaming Mouse – Choosing a Gaming Mouse

Once upon a time, gaming mice didn’t exist. Everyone had to use boring little white or black dust-collectors, with little variation. But some smart marketing minds have slowly built up this segment, and there are now outstanding gaming mice available that even non-gamers might learn to love.

Use an HDTV as a Monitor – Buying the Right HDTV

One of the most important decisions to make when considering at HDTV as a PC monitor is deciding which HDTV to buy. It is the most expensive decision of the process, and will determine the quality of your experience. But besides picture quality, there are certain features that you should look for.

How to Use an HDTV With a PC – Hooking up a HDTV

You’ve got the HDTV. You’ve got the PC. You think you’ve got all the appropriate cables. Now all you need to know is how to make the two work together. Thankfully, depending on how you are connecting the two, you shouldn’t need to use more than a few small connections.

What Does “Minimum System Requirements” Mean?

So, you picked up some new software at a local retailer. Your computer met the minimum system requirements, but when you took it home, it didn’t work as well as you’d hoped. What went wrong? Unfortunately, while meant to be easy to understand, Minimum System Requirements often require a second look.

The Best Passively Cooled HTPC Cards: Radeon 4350

Passively cooled video cards are still a niche market. This isn’t surprising – graphics cards tend to run very hot, and so cooling them without large fans is difficult. But there are some silent graphics card worth looking into, particularly if you want a silent HTPC or mid-range gaming PC.

What Is DirectX 11?

Windows 7 is set to include numerous advancements over Vista, including the introduction of DirectX 11. The new version of DirectX has not been as hyped as was DirectX 10, but it makes some important changes that should please anyone interested in PC graphics or gaming.

Best High Performance Video Cards: 9800 GTX+ SLI

Spring is coming, and while some might want to frolic in fields, the hardcore gamer still has headshots to earn. Luckily, there is a storm of high-performance graphics cards now available – and thanks to competition between Nvidia and ATI, you might be able to actually afford one.