M.S. Smith

Pleading for Car Technology Standardization

Cars and technology seem to be on a crash course. Bluetooth is only the tip of the iceberg, with cars now available with touchscreen controls and streaming Internet radio. That all sounds great – but a reliance on proprietary technology makes car tech less attractive to consumers.

A Look at the Smallest Core i7 Laptops

Intel’s Core i7 processors are the most powerful to be found in any laptop, but they also require substantial cooling and consume a fair bit of battery. Still, there are some small laptops that manage to overcome these engineering challenges.

What’s the Fastest Computer: Mac or PC?

The battle between Apple’s white-and-silver clad warriors and the vast sea of PC boxes has been waged for decades. In this article, however, we’ll address a very specific point – performance. Which of these platforms is quicker? Lets find out!

Mobile OS Comparison: The Future is One

Android, iOS and BlackBerry, oh my! The current mobile marketplace is full of competing software platforms, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. But while today’s ecosystem is diverse, it’s bound to see many of its entries suffer extinction.