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Creating a Home Studio for Photography

Having a permanent space for taking photography is one of the things that every photographer wants, but creating a home studio is not easy. There are a lot of things to get right and knowing what you need before can save a lot of effort. These articles should cover all the basics.

Your Guide to a Travel Photography Career or Hobby

There are few types of photography more technically challenging than travel photography. Locations are often difficult to reach, equipment is more limited, lighting is out of your control, and more. Yet, when done well, it allows some of the most impressive pictures. Learn more with Bright Hub!

Tips on Selling Your Photos

Nearly every newspaper, magazine and website in the world uses images and many pay for those. Yet often amateur photographers don’t think about selling their photos. These articles can help you learn a number of ways to make money.

Gmail User’s Guide

Of the many tools created by Google Gmail is one of the most complex. This complexity comes from the many ways in which you can create, filter and personalize your email. It also comes from the number of other tools which are included in Gmail and this guide can help you with them all.

MS Office Macro Guide

In order to get the most out of Microsoft Office it is important to understand its potential. Nothing expands that potential more than macros. The articles can bring you from a basic understanding to the ability to create powerful features with VBA

An Image Gallery of Cool Spy Gadgets

The world is moving quickly and devices that were available only to the super spy a few years ago can now be bought by anyone. These gadgets can let you record video and audio, see in the dark and protect yourself from the same devices. So while these won’t make you James Bond you can feel like him.

15 Things You Should Know About Google

Almost everyone knows about Google, yet it has grown far beyond what most people realize. There are many different tools available from Google, usually for free, to help you get organized, get around, keep in touch, keep informed and do a lot more online than just search.

Searching the Web Like a Pro

The Internet puts a world of information into the hands of anyone who wants it. Yet, people often miss huge amounts information because they don’t understand how to search the Web effectively. So if you want to ensure you get everything out of the Web check out the articles presented in this guide.

Guide to Google AdSense

There are a lot of ways to make money on the Internet, but few have more potential than Google AdSense. However, in order to take advantage of the massive potential there is a lot to understand. The articles in this guide can take you from signing up to earning money with Google.

Gmail vs Groupwise Comparison

Whether looking for a better email client for yourself or a business the decision is important. A single feature can make everything far easier. Whether this is the ability to log onto your email from anywhere or being able to run your own server the question of Gmail vs Groupwise is important.

Transferring Outlook Contacts Into Goldmine

Goldmine is a great tool to a business to combine and control their customer interactions. Yet, there is a lot of effort involved in entering customer’s contact information. Knowing how to export Outlook contacts into Goldmine can help solve that problem and make moving a painless process.

Understanding the Privacy Issues with Google Calendar

People often comment on just how much information Google can gather on people. From search engine results to pictures of their houses the question of privacy concerns is an important one. One of the Google products which has the potential for being problematic is Google Calender. So how safe is it?

In What Year Was the First Computer Bug Reported?

The computer bug is an idea that has become mainstream as computers have become mainstream. Yet it has far more history than most people know. From the first reporting of an actual bug in a computer to Thomas Edison and even telegraphs, the concept of the bug has been around a long time.

The Biggest Photoshop Fails

Making a mistake in Photoshop is easy, but the truly epic mistakes require concentrated effort. From cutting off and adding extra limbs to offending entire demographics and creating aliens the improper use of photoshop can not only be a major problem, but quite entertaining.