Matthew Craig

Jury Duty & Voting: What Are an Employer’s Obligations?

So your employee has been called to jury duty. Or, he or she wants to cause an upheaval in the political infrastructure by voting. Understanding your employee’s rights and responsibilities related to these civic duties, as well as your obligations and rights related to these processes, is vital.

Ultimate Collection of Scanning Tips and Tutorials

Yes, people, winning is still relevant. Even while scanning. Forget the wasted evenings searching through a pile of random “How To” articles: a comprehensive list of detailed and entertaining guide on document scanning awaits. Skip at your own peril. The only way to re-live history is to scan.

Will Work for Food? Is it Legal?

Are you hungry? I know I am. Sometimes I want to strap a “Will Work for Food” sign on my back and roam the countryside looking for work. Rather than the almighty dollar, I would rather be compensated with food for the belly. After all, you can’t eat green.

How to Drive Traffic to Your eBay Store

Want to drive more traffic to your eBay store? How about looking at custom and alternative solutions for getting visitors outside of eBay. Don’t think it’s possible? Think again. The popular online auction site allows store owners to enhance their pages with SEO. It’s time you gave it a shot!

Looking at Emerging Trends In the Job Market

If you are a recent high school or college graduate, you certainly don’t want to spend your time until retirement “holed away” in a boring job. Besides learning the specifics for your new career, you need to focus on broader trends, such as flexibility, communications skills and multi-tasking.

The Effectiveness of Diversity in the Workplace

Having a wide variety of employee talent and background increases the effectiveness of diversity in the workplace. One demographic can only appeal to a very limited audience. As the world of globalization in terms of customer base increases, it is crucial for a business to keep up with the curve!

Top Seven Best SQL Books

Buy an SQL book and you’ll be a master? Of course not. But this is a good place to start. Don’t settle for, “I think this is a good book.” Use the following resource and find out for yourself. Learn SQL today.

Top 5 Great Patriotic Web Backgrounds

Finding patriotic web backgrounds for your website can be a tedious process. However, looking for patriotic backgrounds is sometimes a little harder. Until now. These five patriotic website backgrounds will bring the sound of fireworks and the look of celebration right to your web page. Take a look!

Learning to Create a Drupal Custom Page

Good job on adopting a prolific and easily customizable open source content management system: Drupal. If it’s good enough for the White House – the same should be said for you. Creating custom pages is not a daunting task. Follow the method below, and you’ll soon be creating a Drupal custom page!