Eli Misel

Best Android Calculator Apps

Need to solve some algebraic equations on the go? Maybe you need a good calculator for when you go grocery shopping? There are literally hundreds of calculator apps on the Android Market, so here is a list of the best options available to save you some time.

Best Android Diet Apps

Keeping your diet in check can be a challenging task with a busy hectic schedule. Luckily, there are some really good Android diet apps available. Whether you are a Weight Watchers dieter or need something to track the calories in your beer, Android has the apps you need to stay fit.

Top 7 Airplane Safety Tips for Travel

Traveling by airplane is a very safe way to travel. However, there are a few things you can do to make your airplane traveling even safer. Follow these airplane safety tips for the safest flight possible.

Space Food, the Food Astronauts Eat

What exactly do astronauts eat while in space and why? How did astronaut food come to be? How do astronauts preserve food for extended periods of time while in space? NASA has been researching food for space since the 1960’s to find the best solution for keeping astronauts from going hungry.

What is the Best Android Mileage App?

Keeping track of your mileage can be a daunting task if your work requires a lot of traveling. There are a handful of options available on the Android Market for tracking mileage on your Android phone. What is the best Android application for tracking mileage?

Top Five Android Aviation Apps

If you happen to be a pilot or student pilot with an Android phone, there are several useful applications available in the Market that can give you a boost. You can use your phone to log hours, check the weather and even do some pre-flight planning.

What is Cyanogen for Android?

Are you looking for ways to increase the speed of your Android powered phone? Tired of always having a drained battery? If you like getting your hands dirty with technology you may want to consider rooting your Android phone and running the Cyanogen version of the Android Operating System.

Do You Need a Task Manager on Android Phones?

A question that often comes with Google’s Android operating system is whether or not you need a task manager/killer. Android was designed to handle processes efficiently and should not require a task manager. However, badly coded applications from the Android Market create the need for task killers.

Android Apps: Speech to Text

Have you been looking for a way to text faster on your Android Phone? There are a few available options on the Android Market that give your smartphone the ability to translate speech to text. This article will outline some of the most recognized voice to text applications available.

What is the Best Task Manager for Android?

The Google Android operating system was designed to manage running tasks in an efficient manner. With an open market place and the potential for badly written applications, you may find the need for a task managing application. This article will cover some of the best task manager apps available.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WEP WPA Network Security

When setting up a wireless network for your home or business, configuring wireless security is a feature often overlooked. Unfortunately this allows malicious users to gain access to your network and possibly obtain confidential information. WEP and WPA are two options available for security.