Eduard Ezeanu

Choosing a Business Partner: Issues to Consider

Two minds are better than one. Having a partner for your business can help you be more efficient and get better results. There is only one catch: just like in any relationships, in order for this to happen, your partner needs to be a good match.

Office Cube Etiquette

Being a good neighbor doesn’t apply only at home. When you work in a cubicle, you are surrounded by neighbors. Respecting the person near you at work is what contributes to a stimulating work environment and a positive atmosphere.

How to Use 360 Degree Performance Reviews

The 360 degree performance review can be a powerful tool for the HR department. However, this does depend on how they are implemented and how the results are used afterwards. Here, you’ll learn the very best ways to implement these types of reviews.

The Effects of Bad Management vs Employee Turnover

It is often said that employees may decide to join a company because of the salary or the brand, but they leave it because of the bad relationship with their direct manager. This article will help you understand how bad management affects employee turnover and what can be done about it.