Take charge of stormwater

The National Research Council (NRC) committee recommends that EPA adopt a watershed-based permitting system that would encompass all discharges — including stormwater and wastewater — that impact waterways in a particular drainage basin, rather than having individual permits.

Where have all the Blue crabs gone?

Watermen living on the Chesapeake Bay used to make their living harvesting oysters in the winter months and blue crabs from Memorial Weekend to Labor Day. Oysters were almost wiped out in the 1980’s and blue crab harvests have declined also. New research efforts may help revive the crab industry.

What is an Ecosystem?

Ecosystems are fascinating, complex systems made of communities of animals and non-living components. Each ecosystem like the Arctic and Everglades has food webs and chains that include Bald Eagles, Polar Bears, wolves, alligators, catfish, seals, and Blue herons. Read on to learn more.

Threats to Wild Horses & How You Can Help

Wild horses don’t have many predators. Yet, the threats of lack of adequate grazing land and water they face have the potential to wipe them out, some say within five years. Sadly the organizations that are suppose to protect Wild horses are causing them the most harm.