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What Causes Monsoons to Occur?

The monsoon, is widely thought of as the essential seasonal rains India needs for its agriculture that may bring cataclysmic flooding. However, this weather term has a more general meaning. Find out why monsoons form and how they affect certain parts of the world.

Interglacial Life: What is a Moraine?

The earth has a cyclic pattern to climate over geological time oscillating between ice ages and temperate periods. Glaciers are a remnant of the last ice age and are responsible for transforming terrain. Here we look at glaciation and explain what is moraine and how it tracks a glacier’s story.

An Overview of the Fjords of Norway

The most famous geographical features of Norway are its fjords and mountains. The fjords of Norway are saltwater inlets which can extend back from the open ocean as much as 125 miles. This brief article explains how the fjords were formed and why they are deeper than the near shore ocean.

Understanding an Avalanche Natural Disaster

The mountains attract many people year around, but winter sports draw thousands of people to the slopes. Avalanche natural disasters can happen when a slab of snow is unstable and breaks away down the mountainside. This article looks at the types and causes of avalanches.

The Role Of White Blood Cells And What A WBC Count Means

Clinicians will order white blood cell counts to investigate if a patient has an infection and as a part of the monitoring of certain diseases and their treatments (for example during chemotherapy or radiotherapy). This article looks at the components of blood and the function of white blood cells.

Heavy Metal Poisoning With Mercury

The blood test for mercury toxicity will often be used to rule out poisoning with mercury as a cause of central nervous system symptoms such as tremor, loss of sensitivity to hot or cold things and impairment of balance when there is a realistic possibility of exposure to the heavy metal.

Determination Of Lead In Human Blood

Lead can be measured in blood by atomic spectroscopy. This article provides an overview of the blood test for lead using the Delves Cup. Lead has no known biochemical role in man and is an established heavy metal poison which causes symptoms ranging from colic to lethargy and neurological problems.