Arun Kumar (PowercutIN)

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Running a Home-Based Business

Success comes easily to a lucky few. The rest of us need to work for it. And, reaching your goals is not a Herculean task. Be clear on your goals (one goal at a time). Know how to reach goals and what to do once you reach them. For entrepreneurs, reaching a goal means setting up another.

Encryption Software / Open Source Forensics – A Roundup

Encryption helps in securing and hiding the data from unauthorized users. Thus, encryption can be termed as anti-forensics – as forensics means digging up data. The forensics software helps you gather and decode data. Let us look at some of the best open source forensic software found on Internet.

Computer Hard Drive Erasers – Which One to Use?

Preparing your computer for sale requires you to securely erase all data on the hard drive. This article talks about some computer hard drive erasers so that you can get an idea of which software to use for wiping out data from the hard disk. Note that simply formatting the drive is not enough.

The Best PC Data Encryption Programs

Encryption of data keeps you safe in case anyone sneaks into your computer via the Internet or otherwise. A data encryption program protects your files from unauthorized access. This article talks about some such programs.