Dorothy Bland

How to Lose Weight without A Lot of Money

Losing weight shouldn’t be more expensive than staying unfit! Don’t let media hype confuse you; low cost and free weight loss solutions do exist. Read on to learn money saving tips for trimming away the pounds; designed to help you lose weight for free while keeping your budget fit as well.

Tricks to Reduce Cell Phone or Mobile Phone Bills

Cell phones are one of the most popular forms of communication in the world with researchers estimating that their are over 4 billion mobile users in the world. For many of us however, our cell phone bills are out of hand. Consider the following money saving tips to help reduce cell phone bill.

Should You File on Your Own: Do It Yourself Tax Options

If the thought of doing your own taxes makes you queasy, then it’s probably best to hire a professional to deal with your tax return. However, a professional accountant isn’t necessary in every situation where you file taxes. Online options and other filing methods offer a straightforward process.