Dorothy Bland

So, There Is Water In Space… Now What?

Recent scientific discoveries have proven that there is water in space. So why exactly should we care and what does this mean for the future of space travel? Read on to find out just why water in space is so coveted and necessary!

Learn About, What is a Short Period Comet

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s a dirty snowball? Dirty snowballs, better known as comets, are fascinating objects that have been observed and pondered for centuries. Here we attempt to define exactly what is a short period comet?

About NASA Astronaut Height and Weight Requirements

Though NASA astronaut height and weight requirements have changed somewhat over the years, there is no getting around these requirements. Read on to learn just what it takes to get into the highly competitive NASA corps of astronauts.

The Largest Impact Craters on Earth Revealed

Asteroids entering the Earth’s atmosphere are nothing new. However, most do not result in wide-spread planetary changes. Here we look at the largest impact craters on Earth, and the effects they had on the planet.

Facts on the Next Planetary Alignment in 2012

News of the next planet alignment seems to occur every few years. Each event comes with a slew of apocalyptic warnings from doomsayers, selling the pseudo-science of planetary alignments. Before the supposed 2012 planetary alignment, learn the truth behind this occurrence.

Suborbital Transport – Will You See It In Your Lifetime?

Space is the ultimate frontier. Already astronauts have safely conducted manned flights to the moon and lived in space stations. Is space tourism for the everyday man and woman just around the corner? Well don’t pack your bags just yet there are still some hurdles to suborbital transport…

Useful Guidelines for Buying Universal Life Insurance

When investigating life insurance options, universal life insurance is a category for consideration. Exactly what is universal life insurance? To explain universal life insurance, we take a deeper look into how the program is structured and review guidelines for buying universal life insurance.