Church Service on iPhone

In this article we take a look at a new service which allows you to view live church sermons on your iPad or iPhone. We also discuss how other churches are keenly investigating offering this terrific new service.

Fix iPhone Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

It can be a real pain when your iPhone’s Wi-Fi stops working. In this article we look at some great tips and tricks as well as some of the more basics steps you can take to restore your iPhone’s Wi-Fi.

How to Make Money: Ads in iPhone Apps

Placing ads in your iPhone app is a difficult task. You have to do it right in terms of design, placement, setting up the advertising account and ensuring your app remains functional. This article examines how to do it RIGHT!

iPhone Development Training: How To Develop iPhone Apps

In this article we’ll take a look at the best way to learn to develop for the iPhone. Fed up of reading about those silly ‘instant app development’ tools that promise an original app in a just a few hours? Read on and I’ll show you a great and fun way to learn how to develop for the iPhone.

Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone or iPod

Tired of the boring chore of transferring photos to your iPod or iPhone? Then read on! Here we look at two quick ways to transfer photos (and other files if you like) to your device. One method suits bulk transfers and the other is an extremely quick way to get a few photos onto your device!

Use iPhone as External Hard Drive

Ever wanted to have a portable hard drive in your pocket? Well now you can with this great app. You can use your iPhone as an external hard drive and more, while still keeping it as an iPhone.

Top Seven Controversial iPhone Apps

In this article we run down a list of some of the most controversial apps that were ever released on the Apple app store.

We also examine the reasons these controversial apps were removed and banned!

Guide to Marketing an iPhone Application

In this article I look at two great, yet simple, ways of promoting your new iPhone app. Social networking and the ability of an app to go viral are analysed as well as getting your app covered by the world’s top review sites!

Guide to the iPhone for Business Users

In this cool guide to the iPhone for business users we’ll look at great productivity apps to get you working faster and harder. We also look at great payment methods which allow you to accept payments using your iPhone as well as the newest way to charge your iPhone in your pocket!

iPhone Replaces Loyalty Cards

Could the iPhone replace the cards in our wallets and purses, or even replace our wallets altogether? In this article we look at the emerging credit card and loyalty card apps available for the iPhone which could see out wallets empty – for the better that is!

How to Delete All Email from the iPhone

With older versions of the iPhone it was necessary to delete all email messages individually. Here I show you how you can completely delete all emails from your iPhone in just a couple of moves.

This is the fastest way to delete, move and control emails on the iPhone.

How to Apply an iPhone Screen Protector

Need to know how to apply an iPhone screen protector? Well this article describes, in detail, how to prepare your iPhone for the protector as well as properly apply it so that your iPhone looks great and stays that way by having a shiny screen free from scratches and scuffs.

Writing a Website Business Plan

Web 2.0 is here and the competition is heating up. Now more than ever it’s essential to have agood business plan to keep you and your site on the road to success. Here I show you how to formulate such a plan for success.

How To Manage a Family Business

Managing a family business brings with it an all new set of problems that must be resolved. These problems are tough and demanding of the family unit This article gives the reader practical advice from an experienced author about how to overcome these problems and effectively run a family business.