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Hosted Voice Recording Services for Calls & Podcasting

Hosted voice recordings are available for several uses. These include the recording of business or personal calls. So, whether you need to create a podcast, or record your company’s call center calls, there are online hosting solutions that require no special hardware or software.

The Best Voice Recording Freeware Options for Audiophiles

At one time, free voice recording software meant a all you were really getting was a free trial of a paid product. The voice recording freeware would mean just a glimpse at features that were designed to tempt you to buy the main product. Recently, however, this has all changed for the better.

Where Can I Find Free Magellan Triton 200 Maps?

The Magellan Triton 200 GPS handheld device is for outdoor activities like trail biking, hiking etc. The maps to use need to be topographic to be able to find the hills and dales on the ground. Read on to see where to find free Triton 200 topographic maps and where to download them.

MSAS: How Does MSAS Help Make GPS More Accurate?

MSAS sends out messages carrying corrections necessary for higher accuracy of GNSS readings through a network of satellites. The correction data depends on a set of reference stations. These help get better than the normal 15 meter accuracy of GPS systems. Learn more about MSAS here.