Donna Cosmato

Bad Customer Management Skills? What’s the Big Deal?

If you think bad customer management won’t hurt your business too much, better think again. Bank of America and Netflix just learned extremely expensive lessons about the dangers of making their customers hate them. Here are ten things you should never do if you want to keep your customers happy.

Unfair Bank Fees: They’re Charging Me How Much for What?

In addition to feeling “taxed enough already,” are you tired of paying more and more fees for the privilege of using your own money? Unfair bank fees are soaring, and consumers are voting with their feet and moving their accounts. Are you ready to join the movement? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Photo Gallery of 10 Outstanding Digital Era Entrepreneurs

A common thread running through the lives of these digital business leaders is that most dropped out of school to chase their dreams. Did school bore them or did they fear their creative spark would be extinguished by academia? Learn more about the inner drives of these entrepreneurial super stars.