Darlene Zagata

What is a Planet?

Until recently we had been accustomed to there being nine planets in our Solar System but then Pluto, the farthest planet from our Sun, got demoted from its planetary status. The debate over Pluto’s status led to a redefining of the term planet.

Endangered Species: Pygmy Hippopotamus

Pygmy hippopotamuses resemble their larger relatives but there are several differences. Pygmy hippos are also related to pigs. These animals are endangered in the wild. One of the greatest threats to the pygmy hippo is a continued loss of habitat.

Genetically Enhanced Humans: A Possible Future

Genetically enhanced humans may sound like something out of science fiction but it may be closer to science fact than most of us would imagine. Consider the possibilities and the moral implications. Can you imagine humans with the hearing of a dog, the eyesight of a cat, and the speed of a cheetah?

Cloning the First Camel

The cloning of animals has been a controversial topic ever since the announcement of the creation of Dolly the Sheep. Since that ground breaking proclamation, many animals have been cloned including the world’s first cloned camel.

What is a Geodesist?

There are many different types of careers that fall into the category of environmental science. Geodesy is one of those careers that is worth learning a little more about.

Define Underwater Volcano or Submarine Volcanoes

Most of us are familiar with a land volcano. We know what it looks like and what type of destruction a volcano can cause. There are volcanoes on the ocean floor as well known as underwater volcanoes or submarine volcanoes. In fact, there are many more beneath the waters than there are on land.