Shawn Drew

Why is Mobile Unlimited Data Dying?

Unlimited data may soon be a thing of the past, but recent trends in mobile data usage could make this an explosive situation for mobile subscribers. Should wireless carriers be more worried about expanding their networks than they seem to be about setting data caps?

The Five-Year Plan for Mobile Technology

If the thought of spending a day without your smartphone makes you break out in cold sweats, you may be more than interested in knowing what the next few years in mobile technology will bring. Check out this article for a sneak peek at the major changes coming to mobile phones.

Buyer’s Guide to Blackberry Cases

If you’re in the market for a new case for your BlackBerry smartphone, you can use this article as a road map to help you find the perfect one. Bright Hub has documented all kinds of BlackBerry cases, from model-specific plain grey cases to jewel-encrusted eye-popping phone wraps.

Android Can Surpass the iPhone

In the battle between iOS and Android, Google has been making consistent moves while Apple seems to be lagging behind. Will these moves result in Android becoming the world’s dominant smartphone OS, or is Apple’s stranglehold on all things tech too big to overcome?

Which is Better? Thunderbolt vs Revolution

Buying a smartphone can be a difficult experience, as the wrong choice could leave you unhappy for over a year. If you are stuck deciding between the LG Revolution and the HTC Thunderbolt, this guide will help you understand the differences in the devices.

Top Ten HTC Aria Apps

Not every Android device is made the same, so not every Android app is designed for every device. The Aria has a few interesting qualities, so be sure to use this list of the best HTC Aria apps to find what programs work best with the device.

The Best Android Horoscope Apps

Your horoscope can give you some guidance on how to approach each day, so why not harness the power of your Android device to get your horoscope sent to your phone each morning. The Android Market has a number of intricate horoscope programs for you to choose from.

Android Screenshot Apps

Taking a screenshot on an Android may not be as easy as you would think. There are a number of screenshot applications, but almost all of them require that you root your device in order to take the screenshot.