Daniel Brecht

Top Five PCMCIA SDHC Card Readers

Are you interested in finding a PC Card with SDHC support? If so, the article will list some of them that are on the market which consumers are buying. By the end of the article, you will know why it is best to use PCMCIA that supports a SDHC card reader.

Understanding Suse Linux Thin Clients

Are you a Linux user on a network in search of disk-less workstations? If so, why not use a thin client to to run applications on powerful remote servers. The article explains more about this desktop-to-server Linux solution from SUSE.

Small Office Accounting Software for Mac OS X

Are you a Macintosh user looking for accounting software? If so, consider choosing one of the programs listed in this article. Each application is slightly different, but have one thing in common: they are the best programs on the market–having received top ratings and reviews from consumers.

IAS Features Supported by Microsoft Windows Servers

Are you running a Windows server application and need a dedicated infrastructure for authentication? If so, consider deploying IAS as a RADIUS server or proxy, which supports Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) authentication for Windows-based clients as well as for third-party clients.

The Top Ten Password Managers

Are you finding it too difficult to manage multiple passwords? If so, let me help you decide which password manager to use on each type of computer platform. You will know what is available for free and at a cost, as well as at online service companies to manage passwords for you.

What You Get and Don’t Get from Free AVG Protection

Is your PC in need of some security protection? If so, protect it by installing a free computer program from AVG. It can help defend a home computer against the latest viruses and spyware. Do not let your PC be vulnerable any longer, this is your chance to act right now to save your system!

Phishing Mac – Not Just a Windows Problem

Even Mac OS X’s built-in security measures is not enough to stop today’s phishing attacks. This goes to show that any computer user can be caught by such a common threat. On the bright side, there is hope for Macintosh users as addressed in the article.

Network Monitoring Software: Net Monitor Review

Would you like to control remote computers on a network from one location–your computer? How about being able to control, monitor, reboot or shutdown, as well as send messages to someone else’s PC? If you’ve answered yes, you may be interested in the Net Monitor for Employees Professional.

Using Firefox AIX

Are you a Mozilla browser user wanting to work in an AIX environment. If so, this article shows how those users can use this Linux operating system interface with Firefox.

Setting Up a Small Office VoIP System

Are you interested in having a VoIP phone system for your home? If so, this article will provide all the necessary information about their use, and most importantly, who has the better calling plans and rates. The article also mentions types of phones that support VOIP users. Read on to learn more.

Job Competition at the Workplace

Diversity in the workplace sometimes mean competition among co-workers. When employees don’t know how to deal with such circumstances, it can harm working relationships and damage morale and work productivity. To know more about what can be done about it, keep reading.

Laptop Comparison: Lenovo vs Mac

If you are in need of a laptop or notebook that can offer great speed and system performance (plus a whole lot more), I suggest Windows platform users buy a Lenovo ThinkPad and MacOS X users buy a MacBook Pro. For those users who don’t care on what OS to use, here is a comparison of both models.

Top Security Routers for Laptops

Are you in search of a great router for your laptop that may offer security? Then you’ve found the right article! It talks about some routers with strong security features. There is even information on what to look for in a wireless or portable router and,how to make them secure.

Computer Security Incident Response Certification

Do you have what it takes to be a CSIR expert? Well, if you are up to it, certification is available to test your knowledge and skills in preventing, detecting and analyzing computer security incidents. Obtaining the certification allows you to become a dedicated incident responder.