Cyndi Root

Classy Farewell Letters to Coworkers

Building bridges with a classy farewell letter is the way to go. Burning bridges with negative, sloppy, or uninformative letters is not advised. Composing an elegant business letter is a valuable skill, and a farewell letter is also an important test of character.

How Does Age Affect Multitasking Skills?

Multi-tasking or threaded cognition peaks in the early twenties. Young children can only pay attention to one thing at a time, and older adults pay attention to too many things. Nine years old through the twenty-somethings are considered optimal years for information and task switching.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tip Sharing

Knowledge transfer is found in groups or families with a common purpose or goal. Intellectual assets are likely to be insightful knowledge or practical experience passed along through others downstream. Strangers are more likely to see negative aspects in sharing but may do so for increased status.

Iron Blood Test Results

Your physician may order an iron blood test during a complete, routine check of your blood. If you have unusual symptoms of feeling dizzy or pale, you may be experiencing an acute blood loss, which may or may not be visible to you. Iron blood tests results may be normal, higher or lower than normal.

Finding a Supplement with the Iron Absorption Test

Iron deficiency is a widespread problem, caused often by gastrointestinal bleeding. Determining the cause of abnormal bleeding is the first step to replacing iron stores. The iron absorption test helps discover causes of iron deficiency and aid in discovering the best iron replacement.

The Anti-Smooth Muscle Antibody Test Cost Varies

Your immune system produces antibodies to attack infections, mutations, bacteria, viruses and other foreign bodies. Threats to vital organs which contain smooth muscle, like your gastrointestinal system or your arteries, must be detected and contained to prevent system-wide disease.

Blood Test Result Ranges Vary

Blood test instruments vary from microscopes to automated machines. Calibration of these machines can be conducted by hand or dynamically and automatically. Instrument components and functions vary by machine and manufacturer and can result in small to significant variances in blood tests ranges.

How Much Money Do Neurosurgeons Make?

Surgeons with specialty in the neurovascular system of the human body makes hundreds of thousands of dollars more than most doctors. How much money does a neurosurgeon make? Experience is the greatest factor, as it is in most professions and trades.