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The Benefit of Trade Credit: Can It Be Attained?

If trade credits are great, then why do businesses fail to meet their obligations? Credit arrangements are supposed to bring benefits to an entrepreneur; then something must be amiss if a business entity finds itself falling into a credit trap instead. Explore the credit concept through this article

Claiming A Casualty Loss Deduction

Is it still possible to claim a tax deduction for any financial loss suffered due to theft and other unforeseen events even if the property was insured? Generally, the answer to this is “Yes”, but only for the unreimbursed portion and only if it meets IRS’ criteria. Want to know more? Here’s how.

Explaining the Work-for-Hire Doctrine in Employment

If you’re hiring an applicant under a work-made-for-hire condition, do you have enough facts to go by to support claim of copyright ownership for the completed work? This article defines the conditions and provides a sample agreement letter to strengthen the employer’s assertion of his rights.