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College Money For Young Cancer Survivors For 2014 and 2015

Find information about college money for cancer survivors, whose hopes for the future have been impacted by an incurable disease and its resulting financial burdens. Learn of the institutions offering scholarships on a nationwide scale and those that offer state-specific educational assistance.

Landmark Moments in the American History of Entrepreneurship

Venturing into a profit-making speculation requires a keen perception of the business potentials and an assimilation of the risks to be taken. Consider the relevance of this concept while exploring the lessons that can be learned about the landmark moments in the American history of entrepreneurship

Key Milestones in the History of Accounting

What important lessons can be learned in revisiting the key milestones in the history of accounting? Here, readers will come to understand that even in the earliest levels of civilization; humans devised methods of keeping track of events and transactions for making important economic decisions.

Learning How to Audit Building Security

Putting in place private security forces and security devices does not fully guarantee the safety of customers, employees and property. Hence, business organizations are advised to assign the task of monitoring these measures to experts who have adequate knowledge on how to audit building security.