Caroline Thompson

A Look at Army Systems That Use GPS

Global positioning systems (GPS) are used in cell phones, cars and as handheld tracking devices. As with many civilian technological advances, the U.S. Army has already made use of GPS units to aid military personnel and ground forces overseas in various common and not so common uses of GPS devices.

List of Famous Sports Photographers

Sports photographers, even famous ones, are mostly just doing their job capturing the essence of the game and exciting moments that sometimes make history. This list of famous sports photographers who captured awe-inspiring moments in sports history is just a small sampling of some of the greats.

Digital Photography Tutorial: Resolution Explained

What is resolution, why is this important and how do you use resolution are important questions for digital photographers. This digital photography tutorial on resolution leads the photographer from pixel to print. Learn how to use resolution and size images for any output.

Essential Photographer Business Templates

These simple templates are useful models for making comparisons between the different types of photography businesses. There is some overlap between a portrait photographer, an event photographer and a corporate photographer, but the business structure varies with the type of photography service.

Top Social Networking Photo Sharing Websites

Social networking websites are popping up everywhere. Photo sharing is part of networking with friends and family. Here is a brief sampling of some of the different types of social networking sites based on shared interests, activities, views and other ways people connect.

How To Create Images That Extend Outside Of The Frame

Learn how to create pictures that spill out onto the page. Out of Bounds imagery is easy to create in Photoshop CS3. Images that move onto the page can be created in a few simple steps. Multiple images can be linked with objects moving between different scenes. Great 3D effects can be created.