Scarlett Gauthier

Converting Pantone to RGB Explained

Do you need to convert Pantone to RGB for web design? This article teaches you how to convert the standardized Pantone colors into RGB color values for use in various electronic areas and devices, such as mobile phones, televisions and web pages.

Tips for Printing Business Cards: Adobe Illustrator

Designing business cards in Adobe Illustrator has many advantages, including the vector capabilities. Once the card is designed, you will have to print it to hand out to others and promote your company. Printing business cards in Adobe Illustrator is simple and can be done with few steps.

Tips for Using a Holga Camera: History and Models

Holga cameras have been around for years given photographers the chance to create unique effects that no two Holga cameras can reproduce. Learning to use one can help you give your photos the create flare you are looking for. The point and shoot feature makes using a Holga camera simple.

How to Scan 12 x 12 Scrapbook Pages

Scrapbooking is a recreational hobby that can be time consuming. Loosing the scrapbook page you have created can be heartbreaking. Learn how to scan large 12 by 12 scrapbook pages with easy-to-use software and create a digital back-up copy of the scrapbook.