How to Use ASP.NET’s DropDown List Control

Users often prefer selecting choices on Web forms to typing information. For example, why require a user to type Yes or No, when a simple checkbox will accomplish the same thing? ASP.NET has an easy dropdown list control, which gathers information this way.

Learn How to Validate User Input with Spry Widgets

Although most Web programming software includes a way to require that user input meet some pre-selected criteria such as email addresses or telephone numbers in the correct format, Dreamweaver CS3 includes a special set of tools called Spry Widgets, which offer some enhancements to this process.

Simple Measures for Usability Testing of Your Own Pages

Many Web developers have no idea how useful their product is for the end user. Even an amateur creating a home page can use web usability testing to improve the usefulness the site. Apply some of the principles below to get pages that encourage users to revisit and make use of the information.

How to Use Label Web Controls in ASP.NET

There are two types of Web controls in ASP.NET used for displaying preset text on Web sites—Literal and Label. Using the latter with ASP.Net opens up additional possibilities for display. Working through this ASP.NET tutorial will show you the difference.

Validating User Input with Form Validation in ASP.NET

Collecting information from fields on Web forms is a common step. How does a developer ensure the information entered is in the proper format? Suppose a form asks for someone’s weight and the user enters “None of your business.” Making sure data is entered correctly is called form field validation.

Create Web Page Templates in ASP.NET with Master Pages

Web page templates in Web development software use static HTML design. ASP.NET’s version of templates uses Master Pages. With these you can add Web controls and server-side executable code. The Visual Web Developer part of ASP.NET has a template that makes creation of a dynamic Master Page simple.