Jarod Saucedo

Attack of the Asian Carp in the US

Fish are a very important food resource and commodity in the world today. In the right habitats, several species–such as the Asian carp–provide food for hundreds of thousands of people. Asian carp in the US, however, have produced many problems since their introduction.

Learning Styles, College Stress, and Study Tips for College

We all learn in some way. Whether it is kinesthetic, visual, or auditory, every college student has a specific learning style. College stress for a student is hard to manage, however by understanding learning styles and study tips for college, we can adapt to anything.

An AP Reading List for the College Bound Student

Are a student looking taking an Advanced Placement English course? If so, an AP reading list for the college bound student is important list to consider. Read on to learn about how you can prepare for the English Language Composition and or English Literature and Composition course.

The Kyoto Protocol and Global Warming

The Kyoto Protocol is an environmental agreement between certain countries in order to fight against global warming. In addition to other policies, the relation between the Kyoto Protocol and global warming is to reduce greenhouse gases.