Curt Smothers

FileMaker Pro10 Designing Layouts

FileMaker differs somewhat from MS Access when creating layouts and reports. After the first table is created, FileMaker generates a generic first layout or form-like “object.” To create a custom layout, FileMaker includes a layout wizard that is, however, similar to MS Access 2007.

What’s New in Access 2007: Tabbed Menus

Microsoft Access 2007 has a different and “busier” look than the 2003 version. This is the first in a series of MS Access 2007 user interface overviews. Our first article will explain and catalog the menu items on the new MS Access tabbed ribbon.

How to Calculate with a Microsoft Access Parameter Query

Parameter queries in a database allow us to ask the same question, but with a different variable. This article demonstrates how to add a function to a query that narrows down our data by means of a calculation. Read on and discover some handy function “formulas” to add zip to your database.

Importing Data into a FileMaker Pro 10 Database

Importing tables of data to a new FileMakerPro 10 database is a straightforward and intuitive process. However, it does require some advance planning both at the data export and import phases. Read this article before you attempt to import a table of data into a new FileMaker database.

Lesson Plan for MS Access Database Objects

Show your students the constituent parts an MS Access 2007 database for a quick overview of course learning objectives. This lesson plan introduces adult students to database objects and how the parts work together. Download the accompanying PowerPoint presentation from the public media gallery.

FileMaker Pro 10 Software Review

FileMaker Pro 10 is a robust database application. New users will like the intuitive database design and look. This review is an overview of FileMaker from the perspective of the experienced database user who may want a cross-platform alternative to Microsoft Access 2007.

How to Sort Text in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has two ways to sort text (lists, etc.) in a document. The first method sorts just one column of text. The second works through a table and will sort multiple columns. This article demonstrates both methods and shows how to convert a tabbed list to a table for more convenient sorting.