Chris Hoffman

What’s Happening to Google Notebook and Desktop

Google discontinued Google Notebook and Google Desktop as part of a “fall/spring clean” in 2011. Google has always been known for working on a large number of products at once. Notebook and Desktop fell by the wayside as Google continued to focus on a smaller number of more polished products.

The Bright Hub Linux Virtual Machine Guide

Virtual machine programs such as VMware and VirtualBox run Windows, Mac OS X and other operating systems on Linux for free. You can even run Linux on a virtual machine on Windows. If you just want to run Windows software on Linux, you can examine some alternatives that run Windows software on Linux.

Google Alternatives: Search Engines for Privacy

Google stores a history of your searches that it can tie to you using a cookie or your IP address. Google uses this information to target advertisements and tweak its search engine. Google also hands over the information to governments when required to do so by law.

Dropbox Vs Google Docs: Online File Storage Showdown

Dropbox is advertised as a file synchronization service and Google Docs is advertised as a Web-based document editor, but both services have one feature in common: each allows you to store your files online in the cloud and access them from anywhere

Starting Stopped Jobs in Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu, like other Linux distributions, can use a keyboard shortcut to stop jobs currently executing in the terminal. You can use a variety of terminal commands to start stopped jobs in the foreground or background, list them or terminate them.

How to Connect to a Network Printer with Ubuntu

Ubuntu’s built-in Printing administration tool can connect to more than just local printers. It supports a variety of different network printer protocols and can often automatically detect and connect to them for you. The connected printer appears as an option when printing from any application.

Seahorse Setup on Ubuntu

Seahorse, also known as Passwords & Encryption, is an application included with Ubuntu that allows you to manage your PGP and SSH encryption keys. Seahorse integrates with the Ubuntu desktop, allowing you to encrypt, decrypt and sign files with your keys.

How to View a Remote Linux Desktop with Ubuntu

Ubuntu includes the Remote Desktop Viewer application for viewing remote Linux desktops. The Remote Desktop Viewer, also known as Vinagre, supports the virtual network computing protocol. VNC allows your Ubuntu desktop to access and control remote Linux and Windows computers running VNC servers.

How to Install Google SketchUp 8 for Ubuntu

Google SketchUp 8 wasn’t released for Ubuntu, but the Windows version works on Ubuntu in Wine, which allows you to run Windows applications on Linux. Wine isn’t perfect yet, so you’ll have to edit the registry to get past an OpenGL error message before you can use Google SketchUp.

iGoogle Translation Gadgets

You can use iGoogle gadgets to translate words, phrases and Web pages directly from your iGoogle homepage. Google provides an official Google Translate gadget that you can add to your iGoogle page for free, or you can install one of the many third-party gadgets from the iGoogle gadget gallery.

Running Symantec Backup Exec for Linux

Symantec Backup Exec is a proprietary data backup and recovery program which runs on Linux as well as Windows. It officially supports SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but runs on a variety of distributions.

Debian: BestCrypt Installation & Usage

BestCrypt is a commercial encryption program developed by Jetico which runs Linux distributions such as Debian as well as Windows and Mac OS X. While Debian includes encryption utilities, BestCrypt lets you use the same encrypted containers on multiple operating systems.

Firefox Error Messages: Firefox Won’t Start

Firefox error messages can occur when starting Firefox or when trying to load a website. From errors on your computer to errors on your Firefox profile to installation or network errors and even errors with Firefox’s network settings, each error message points to a specific problem and solution.

How to Configure the Mandriva Firewall

Firewalls protect your computer against access from unauthorized sources and shield certain services from the Internet. Mandriva Linux includes a firewall which you can configure through the Mandriva Linux Control Center.