Chet Alzona

Create Custom Templates in Pages ’09

Pages allows you to use templates for easier document creation. It also allows you to create your own custom templates to tailor-fit the usual requirements you need to start-off your writing, even set it as the default document for Pages to load. This article will guide you on setting up the basics

Safari: Mail Contents of this Page and Mail Link to this Page

Safari has a feature that allows you to send an email regarding a web site you’re currently viewing. Instead of having to copy and paste page elements, or the link you want to share to your Mail contacts, you can simply click a menu item and Mail will load and fill out a compose window for you.

Bring Back the Dark Backdrop in Grid View on iTunes

In the roll out of iTunes 9, significant visual enhancements were applied in iTunes, like the redesigned store and better Grid View and List View. And the Grid View changed from a dark backdrop to a white one. With iTunes’ latest 9.0.2 update, you now have the option to use a light or dark back.

Convert Videos for Apple Devices (Alternative to iSquint)

Video clips have always been a joy to keep, create, and download in our day-to-day computing. But since the development and support of iSquint has stopped, we were left looking for alternatives. Video Monkey is a free tool we can all enjoy for converting media for Apple devices.

How To Find Bargains In The iTunes App Store

From time to time, apps in the iTunes App Store lower their prices to encourage sales. However, iTunes doesn’t provide a section for app purchasers to browse items that are on sale for a limited time. Luckily, there’s a way to round up items for sale.

Mail Trick: Quoting Specific Text For Replies

Mail is one of the simplest desktop email clients in Mac OS X. And it functions great to handle our day to day email needs. But it has several tricks up its sleeve that may not be obvious to the regular Mail user. This article discusses how to easily quote specific for your email replies.

Calibrate Your Mac’s Display

Mac OS X Leopard allows you to change the way colors are displayed on your screen. Generally there are two kinds of settings – the 1.8 Standard Gamma or 2.2 Television Gamma. Snow Leopard defaults to the 2.2 Television Gamma. So if you’re still on Leopard, here’s how to set it to 2.2.

MacTubes: The YouTube Desktop App For You

MacTubes is a YouTube desktop client for Mac OS X that you can use to search and play videos from the site. You will also be able to download videos to either FLV or MP4 file formats so you can enjoy them in your Mac or sync them into your iPod, iPod Touch, or iPhone.

Print Anything To PDF In Mac OS X

Saving files to PDF in Mac OS X is more prevalent than you think. While some programs lets you easily save items as a Portable Document Format (PDF), some may not be as obvious. This article will show you that anything you can print from your Mac can be saved as a PDF document.

Lock The Dock In Mac OS X

With a simple drag and drop you can add or remove all kinds of items to and from the dock. However, this can cause common errors for many Mac users, so some prefer to lock it.

Check Your Warranty Online In Apple’s Website

You can check your warranty status within Apple’s website any time you choose. This is a great way to verify if your machine is still under warranty and is also applicable to those who have purchased AppleCare Protection Plans for their Macs.

Firefox 3.5 Introduces Refinements And New Features

My favorite browser – Firefox – reincarnates itself from the ashes and introduces a lot of refinements and new features in its latest version: 3.5. Mozilla’s latest update on its browser puts Firefox on par with other popular
Web browsers out there.

Properly Uninstall Apps From Your Mac With AppCleaner

AppCleaner is a free utility for Mac OS X that acts as an uninstaller, making sure that when you remove an app from your system, all other associated files will be taken off along with it. This is a great software to keep around whenever you wish to uninstall something from your Mac.

Convert Any Media File To Any Audio File With Switch

Switch from NCH Software is a great program that allows you to convert any media file – whether video or audio – to any audio file format of your choosing. This easy to use app is one of the greatest and most efficient tools you might need for all your audio file conversion needs.

Audio Editing Made Easy With Fission

Fission, by Rogue Amoeba, is one of the easiest to use and beautifully designed audio editors you can find where you can trim, edit, save in multiple formats – even as iPhone ringtones. Fission allows you to create snippets of sound bits, add fade effects, normalize and so on right from your Mac.

Turn Websites Into Apps In A Snap With Fluid

Fluid is a free and easy to use site-specific browser for Mac OS X that allows you to basically convert your favorite website into an app. Site Specific Browsers enhance and increase focus on sites or web apps you want to use and operates separately from your web browser.

Casual Games for the Mac: Chuzzle Deluxe

Chuzzle is a match three kind of game unlike any other. The game elements are about same with any match three games we already know like Bejeweled, but instead of lifeless items to match, you get to play with fluffy round creatures of many colors and sizes.

Casual Games for the Mac: Peggle Deluxe and Peggle Nights

Peggle is a unique game where you need to eliminate all existing orange pegs with a limited number of balls to be able to move on to the next stage. This game of skill, matched with many varying power ups and exciting audio and visual effects, makes this a great game for playing.