Sean Fears

Interferometry improves our view of the heavens

We may take the complexity of our eyes for granted, but astronomers do not. Interferometry is a technique that uses a number of telescopes together to provide a more accurate picture of the heavens than a single telescope can provide.

Moon slowly escaping the Earth

The oceanic tides the Earth experiences due to the Moon’s gravitational effect are beneficial for aquatic and terrestrial life, not to mention surfers. Those benefits come at a price, however, as the Moon is slowly moving away from the Earth as a result. Find out why in this article!

Getting Into A Spacesuit and “Going EVA”

Video and pictures of spacewalking make it look effortless, but getting ready for a spacewalk is an elaborate process that takes quite a bit of time. Find out just how involved the process is by reading on!

Astrometry Succeeds In Finding Extrasolar Planets

Finding planets around other stars may not be like finding a needle in a haystack, but it isn’t much easier, either. Read on to find out how a new technique managed to finally succeed in finding a planet, and why it may be significant in the long term.

Will the Air Force’s X-37 Spaceplane Launch in 2010?

Though the Space Shuttle’s retirement looms ever nearer, the United States Air Force is pushing ahead with an effort to produce their first ever orbital spaceplane. If successful, the X-37 will fulfill the promise of the cancelled X-20 Dyna Soar.

DIRECT V3 – A Viable Alternative to Ares

As the federal budget outlook for the future becomes more gloomy and NASA’s Ares rocket continues to struggle with technical challenges, the new version of the DIRECT proposal offers an option for maintaining America’s space presence at an affordable cost.

What is Ocean Thermal Energy

Many people know about solar thermal energy systems, but most don’t consider that the largest one in the world is the ocean. A change in temperature of just one degree Celsius causes an enormous shift in the amount of energy held by the oceans.

Shuttle to Ares/Orion Transition

As the development of NASA’s Ares rocket and Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle continue, it has become increasingly clear that the transition between the Shuttle and Project Constellation is not going to be as smooth as originally hoped for.

Reaction Engines’ Single Stage to Orbit Spaceplane – The Skylon

The road to routine access to space is littered with attempts to make a reusable space vehicle, but Britain’s Reaction Engines Ltd. is determined to break this trend with the Skylon, a vehicle designed with existing and currently feasible technology. Will it succeed where NASA has failed?