A Review of the Adium Instant Messenger

Are you bored using that worn out AOL instant messenger, or iChat? Are you looking for total customization of your Mac instant messenger so that every time you chat it’s an enjoyable experience? Adium instant messenger delivers just that and for free!

How To Backup Photos on a Mac

Photos are some of the most cherished possessions we have, and now that digital cameras are making it easier than ever to keep them on our computers, it is very important to back those memories up. Here are a few methods that to help with your backup plan

iAlertU Supplies a Security System For Your Macbook

If you are paranoid of unauthorized fingers accessing your Mac then iAlertU is just the program for you. Not only will iAlertU lock and alarm your computer, but it will provide photographic evidence of any intruders. This article and accompanying video demonstrate iAlertU’s capabilities.

Recording Basic Audio on a Mac with Garageband

Ever wonder what your voice sounds like recorded or wanted to try your hand at creating that hit song that’s been floating around your head? Garageband for Mac OS X now gives you a quick and easy method of recording audio in the luxury of your own home.