Charles M Bowen

Things to Know About Social Network Security

So you’re a blazing social media addict? Like all the contacts and relationships do you? Don’t get lulled into a false sense of security on your social network accounts, as there are plenty of ways that what you post can come back to haunt you.

Forewarned Is Forearmed: Hacking Tools and Techniques

The adage ”Knowledge is Power” is truer nowhere than in the field of PC security. The tools of the hacker’s trade are more accessible than you think, thanks to ”white hat” hackers who are employed to improve network security, and because the bad ones like to brag about their exploits.

Complete Guide to Solar Energy

Solar power has been researched for centuries. Thanks to space research and the continued energy crisis, the technology has come a long way in a very short time. While we are still quite a distance from a solar-powered world, we can now see what technology can get us there very quickly.

Installing and Using Light-Weight Linux

PC hardware becomes obsolete nearly the moment you take it out of the box, and is less equipped to handle Windows with each passing update. If your pc is just a few years old but now takes 10 minutes to get booted up, the time is ripe to ditch the bloatware and try out a Linux option!

Complete Guide to Hydroelectric Plants

Compared to other forms of energy productions, the side effects of hydroelectric power are relatively benign. Some could even argue that the biggest problem with them is that there aren’t enough rivers to cover all of our energy needs with them!

The Ultimate Guide to Debian

Thanks to its user-friendly architecture and vast repository of free applications, the Debian family is by far the most widely used flavour of Linux. The sheer multitude of versions spawned by its popularity justifies a comprehensive guide to various Debian programs, applications, and distributions

The Ultimate Linux Distro Roundup

With Linux Source code available to all, the universe of distros available for download and installation is vast. Ranging from fully supported enterprise solutions, to lightweight distros developed by a lone coder in his basement, the time has come for a comprehensive list of available options!

The World’s Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Options

Today a lot of pressure is being applied to upgrade our energy production systems to renewable energy formats. Holding this back is the cost of implementing these systems too quickly. Here you’ll find a collection that will aid you in understanding which of these technologies is most promising.

A Complete Guide to Biogas

Biogas is a fuel generated from common and renewable biological sources, including from garbage and biological wastes. It is highly advantageous as biogas can power equipment designed to run on non-renewable natural gas.

Configuring Secure Email for Ubuntu

Its bad enough that your exploits at last years Christmas party have already received a million hits on YouTube. At least your emails can still be sealed tighter than an Egyptian tomb thanks to the powerful encryption tools provided by Ubuntu. Learn how to get Top-Secret quality encryption!

How to Use HTTPS Proxy Sites for Fun and Profit

Tired of getting hauled before the man for visiting ”forbidden” websites at work or school? Maybe you just hate having your web surfing habits dissected. Well, you can kill two birds with one stone thanks to HTTPS proxy servers! Learn how to stick it to the censors in this short guide!

The Best Open Source Slideshow Software

Remember your Uncle’s Bobs endless slideshows? Think of all the hours he had to put in converting his negatives into a projector friendly format. Today, thanks to digital photography and the universe of open source sideshow software, you can produce slideshows of professional quality!

Easy to FollowTrojan Removal Tips for Windows

Got Trojans? No, not the doomed bronze age warriors in the helmets and miniskirts, the bugs that turn your computer into an automated virus factory. Learn how to effectively remove these persistent bugs and minimize your chances of future infection with a few simple steps!

The Role of Warehouses in Reverse Logistics

Whether its defective, hard to use, or the customer just changed their mind, returned items have a nasty habit of piling up and choking supply chains. Don’t let regurgitated products throw a wrench in your system, establish a sound strategy for dealing with reverse logistics.