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Trick Photography: How’d They Do That?

Trick photography takes a creative mind and perhaps a bit of daring experimentation. These photos are especially popular for spooking or confusing people by presenting them with an unlikely scenario. Here you will see some fun examples of trick photography and the secrets behind how they are created

A Terrific Buyer’s Guide to Handheld GPS Units

Choosing the right handheld GPS unit can be difficult, as the list of feature for each device can be so extensive and confusing for many. In addition, not realizing the full potential of some of their functions can set you back during a trip of the outdoors, if you missed out on a smart purchase.

Best GPS Units for a Variety of Outdoor Sports

Get the insight you need on the best selection of GPS devices specifically designed for outdoor sports of any kind. See how an extensive list of features can compensate for various sporting activities. Whether you are new to GPS systems or need an upgrade, these options will help you find your way.

An Alluring Gallery of Black & White Photography

Don’t you just love black and white photos? They make you look at images in a different light and gives you a refreshed feeling for interpretation, opening your horizons to imagine things on a whole new level. This photo gallery is nothing short of spectacular, as it showcases 30 captivating images.

GPS Troubleshooting Guide and Accuracy Tips

Get an extensive list of troubleshooting suggestions, as well as accuracy tips for your GPS device, to keep it working at its best potential. These tips represent the best advice you can find on a vast amount of issues that may arise with your GPS, whether it is a TomTom, Magellan or Garmin device.

A Robust & Complete Guide to TomTom Devices

Get all the details you need to know about TomTom GPS car navigation devices. Whether you are in the market for a smart purchase or simply want to find out how the TomTom brand stands up against big ballers like Garmin and Magellan, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out this complete guide.

GPS Hacking Guide: Learn How to Hack Your GPS Device

GPS Hacking Guide: Learn How to Hack Your GPS Device

Learn how to perform hacks on your GPS unit through smart and effective advice. This is a direct source to getting all the data you need to understand common hacks and perform them yourself. Here you will learn how to modify and add or remove features to make your GPS device unique and up-to-date.

The Ultimate Guide to GPS Satellites

So you’re having a little trouble understanding the mechanics behind the operation of GPS systems. No problem, this guide will give you all the details about GPS satellites and how they work to provide GPS signals — connect with servers and receivers, retrieve data from locator devices, and more.

An Image Gallery of Ocean and Beach Photography

Are you looking for some amazing shots of the beach or ocean for viewing pleasure or to get some ideas for your own portfolio? We have put together a terrific collection of photos of seascapes all over the world and in various settings so you can see the many traits of the sea — enjoy!

Your Complete Photography Business 101 Guide

If you’re deliberating taking your photography hobby or career to the next level, then first you may want to take a glance at this photography business guide. This is a complete tutorial of all you need to know in establishing and running your own photography business.

Best BlackBerry Sky and Stars Apps

Yes, there is an app for that! Charting the stars on your smartphone is another mind blowing experience some of you budding astronomers can appreciate. With intelligent digital technology, a brilliant scientific database along with other dynamic enhancements, you can get amazing astronomical details