Marina Hanes

Recycle Silk Flowers and Bridal bouquets

Silk flowers can be reused over and over again if taken care of and stored properly. So instead of letting them collect dust, turn them into a stylish hair clip or colorful flower arrangement for your door. As long as you have a hot glue gun, you can add silk flowers to almost anything.

Natural Mascara Tips

Mascara is a girl’s best friend, because it makes your eyes get noticed. However, many mascaras contain chemicals and even test on animals. Instead of continuing to use unsafe mascara, you can follow these eco-friendly mascara tips and find a quality natural mascara that meets your needs.

Organic Hair Care

Do your dry, split ends annoy you? Well, maybe its your hair care products that are destroying your hair. Traditional hairspray and mousse products containing drying ingredients such as alcohol. However, some organic hair care products are derived from plant-based materials, which boost shine.

Organic Area Rugs

When you have a family, lessening the amount of toxins they’re exposed to is important. Organic rugs can make a great addition to your home, because they are non-toxic and provide color and comfort to any room. So the next time you need a rug consider one made of hemp or bamboo.

Eco-friendly and Creative Baby Shower Gifts

Babies grow up fast, which makes it difficult to choose a practical gift for a baby shower. However, eco-friendly alternatives often make the best presents, because they grow with the child and are creative baby shower gifts too. Choosing versatile and durable baby products can make a difference.

Choose Eco-friendly Fourth of July Fireworks

What is Independence Day without the fireworks? The spectacular light display put on in nearly every city is not as healthy for us, or the environment, as we would like. However, more eco-friendly fireworks are making their way onto the shelves. It is time to give these new fireworks a try!

Natural Made Baby Cribs for a Sustainable Family

Growing babies need their sleep, so it’s beneficial to provide them with a relaxing and healthy environment. Purchasing an eco-friendly crib can help your baby and the environment breathe a little easier. Natural made baby cribs don’t have harmful finishes, and some are even naturally antibacterial.

How to Reuse Your Old Toothbrush

You probably go through six or more new toothbrushes every year, and if you’re throwing them away you’re not using them to their full advantage. After you use them to brush your teeth, there is a whole world of opportunities. You can use your old toothbrush in the kitchen, garage, bathroom, etc.

Wood Product Recycle: How to Recycle Wood Scraps or Wood

Recycling wood reduces the need to cut down more forests, which are considered natural habitats to many animals. There are a variety of ways to recycle wood, and you might even find more creative ways to incorporate the wood scraps into your home, community, local park or school district.

Go Vegetarian with a Homemade Organic Breakfast

Breakfast is an important meal of the day, so it should be healthy for your body and the environment. Homemade organic breakfast choices are out there–you just have to know what to look for. Even if you are a vegan, there are alternatives to the traditional eggs and breakfast meats.