Carla Michelle

Green Roofs & Living Walls: A How to Guide

If you have been contemplating making your roof and/or walls green, read this basic how-to guide to learn what considerations need to be made before you begin. This guide will briefly touch on structural modifications that need to be made before implementing green roofs or walls.

6 Green Hotels: Where to stay when traveling

Finding a green hotel while on vacation is probably easier than you think. Thanks to more and more people realizing the importance of our effect on the environment more and more businesses are making drastic changes to reduce their harmful effects.

Why Entrepreneurs Fail: Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid

When starting a new business, everyone is going to make mistakes at some point. But there are several mistakes that can be avoided just by learning from the problems others have encountered. Here, we’ll take a look at the top three reasons entrepreneurs fail and how to avoid these mistakes.