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Quality Food Drive Flyer Templates

Food drives are incredibly important community services that have always been a staple in charitable efforts around the world. In order to alleviate the stress we’ve developed a set of food drive flyer templates to help you focus on the more important aspects of your food drive.

Samples of Japanese Business Cards

There are several ways the Japanese business cards (or meishi in Japanese) are different from American business cards but in more ways are they similar. This article will take a look at at a few examples of Japanese business card samples and the customs behind the exchanging of meishi.

The Many Unusual Ways to Use Business Cards

There are many fun and unusual ways to use business cards to create a network of contacts and customers. With a little research and catering to customers you can keep your business cards in play for months at a time.This article will start you off with a few great ideas to get started.

How to Market with Business Cards With Ease

Don’t fret if you don’t know how to market with business cards effectively, there are several tips and tricks you can utilize to effectively distribute and network with your business cards and the business cards of your peers.This article will give you some great ideas to get started!

Best Ways to Utilize Business Cards

The best ways to utilized your business cards is to make sure that long after you’ve passed it on to someone it is still networking on its own. Either by design, functionality, or other clever methods this article will show you some helpful tips to keep your business card working for you.

Fixing Common Skype & PC Performance Issues

If you find Skype’s quality is not where it should be or if Skype is affecting your performance while in use, there may be a number of issues affecting the service. Luckily, most are fairly common and have easy fixes. This article shows how to fix common problems with Skype PC performance.

Graphics and Clip-Art: Checkered Flag Graphics

Checkered flags are a staple on racing culture, both for fans and professionals who use the flag in their various racing themed projects. This article contains five examples of checkered flag graphics as well as the uses and differences between several popular designs.

Backgrounds: Scary Backgrounds

Scary backgrounds provide an excellent darkness to design when we need to get the creepy creativity out of our systems. This article features 5 examples of scary backgrounds that are handled very carefully as a piece of art and not just shock images.

Backgrounds: Purple Backgrounds for Desktop Publishing

Purple is a cool and pleasant color that is often associated with lavender plants, the sky as it fades into sunset, peace, and comfort. There is an incredible selection of different styles and qualities of purple backgrounds and we have found 5 of the best to use in your Desktop Publishing Projects.

Backgrounds: Green Backgrounds for Desktop Publishing

Green is a color of serenity, peace, and harmony. It represents life and energy, and is just an amazing color. We have put together five green backgrounds that share one or all of these traits in the hopes that you will find the spark of life to add to your Desktop Publishing Project.

Background: Orange Backgrounds for Projects

Orange is one of the greatest colors out there because it’s very mellow (perhaps even more mellow than yellow) without de-saturation. An orange background can come in a wide variety and their applications are just as plentiful as the amount of oranges growing Florida.