Michael Guerrero

A Remote Virtual Team Managment Guide

Virtual teams present interesting challenges to any project, and it’s important as a leader to be prepared to handle these challenges as they come up. Here we’ve assembled a guide to managing remote virtual teams for you and your team’s benefit.

Socially Driven Ways to Promote Your Book

There are many ways to promote your book, but in order to compete with film and video-games in a socially driven marketing climate you need to get creative. We’ll show you how to take the reins of social marketing and get your book noticed.

An Overview of HSV Color Notation

HSV color space is a basis for color representation in image software which has directly influenced how graphic design has been done since the 1970s. HSV color space is an interesting subject that we will explore throughout this article.

How Are Outdated Business Logos Hurting Your Image?

Outdated logos will undoubtedly hurt your business’s image because logos are nothing short of critical for making good impressions on potential customers and business partners. Logos provide an image that people can recognize and trust; having a bad one will prevent your business from flourishing.

The Best 10 Free Calligraphy Fonts

Calligraphy is the art of artistic penmanship that dates back through ancient culture. Nowadays, modern calligraphy is used in graphic design to create both beautiful and functional pieces of art. If you’re in a bind and need free calligraphy fonts, we’ve assembled the top 10 for your consideration.

Examples of Good Graphic Design Business Cards

Graphics designers are in the strange position of mixing their creativity in a professional setting. This article highlights different graphic design business cards that mix the nature of business with creativity to showcase an interesting, but professional, design.