W. A. Swan

Five Ways to Make Your Computer Faster

Your computer takes forever to startup, or a program takes forever to complete a task. If this sounds familiar your computer is running slow for a reason. Often it is from being stuffed with unnecessary files or programs. To get your computer running faster use these tricks to speed up the computer.

Does a Wood Stove Help with Heating Bills?

In today’s economy saving money on heating is important. Wood stoves have been used as heating sources for generations. But does a wood stove help with heating bills? It can, if used correctly. The key is to find free wood sources and learning to light and maintain the fire properly.

Tax Help for the Self Employed – How to Pay Taxes as You Go

There is one major difference according to the IRS between an employee and employer and who pays what portion of tax on earned income. Self-employed persons are required to pay all of the tax on earned income. Tax from earned income is labeled as a pay-as-you-go tax meaning you pay as you earn it.

Sample Joint Venture Agreement: What Should Be Included?

A joint venture agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities between two parties entering into business together. Writing a proper joint venture agreement takes time and effort. A sample joint venture agreement helps provide a template to work with. Here is a sample with instructions.

The Truth About How Time Factors into Running a Business

Time is precious to the business owner – especially the small business owner. This is because more than half of the time spent doing business is spent away from the customers. It’s important to understanding how time factors in running a business help ensure business success.

Steps to Achieve Control of Personal Finances

If you have little or no money left over at the end of the month; if you have no savings but lots of credit; if you cannot place where most of your paycheck goes – you need to gain control of personal finances. Understanding five basic concepts helps bring personal finances under control quickly.

Free Functional Resume Sample & Template

Functional resumes are an effective method to sell your abilities and achievements to prospective employers when you don’t have a strong background in one position or have a vast experience range to work with. Here, you’ll find top tips and a functional resume sample you can download and modify.

Trends in Consumer Spending Habits

Economic trends is a term heard weekly; daily when the economy is in trouble. Understanding what these trends indicate and how to decipher them helps better educate consumers about the economy and trends in consumer spending habits.