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How to Build a Spring House to Keep Food Cool

Homesteaders of previous centuries settled near creeks when possible. This served three purposes: drinking water, cleaning and refrigeration. Refrigeration is achieved by building a spring house next to the creek and diverting water through it. The cold water keeps submersed items cold.

10 Ideas for Recycled Plant Markers

Gardeners seeking to be more ecologically friendly have a range of options they can use to make an individualized effort. One of these options is the use of plant markers made from recycled or repurposed items. Recycled plant markers can be made from a variety of items with minimal preparation.

5 Ways to Repurpose Doors

If you have an old door you are replacing, consider giving it another use. It is possible to repurpose doors into another item. Examples such as shelves, tables, ramps and dividers are discussed below.

Benefits of a DBA and Pros and Cons of a DBA

Considering using a fictitious name for your business? If you are then you need to understand what a DBA is and its purpose. There are several advantages and disadvantages to using a “doing business as” (DBA) for your business.

New 1099 Rules for 2011 – Do They Affect You?

With the passage of health care reform comes the problem of making it affordable. A solution is to eliminate the tax gap by increasing reportable purchases. The 1099 series was targeted to do this, making not only services but also payments for goods over

1040X Instructions for Dummies

If you made a mistake on your federal tax returns in the last three years, you have the option to correct the mistake. Doing so requires a simple two page form called IRS Form 1040X. Here we discuss 1040X instructions for dummies.

How to Create Fundraiser Sponsor Forms

Your nonprofit organization has a project or event that needs funding. To gain funding, you are holding a fundraiser. To gain sponsors for the fundraiser you will need fundraiser sponsor forms. These forms will help organize your fundraising efforts. Find a fundraiser sponsor form template here.

How Do I Check My EBT Balance

After the economic fall of 2008-2009 the use of EBT cards became more common than ever before. With these cards becoming more common it is also essential for people to understand how to check their card balances. This means people need to know “how do I check my ebt account balance”.

How To Figure out Sales Tax

When you go shopping, you may be surprised that the total is higher than you anticipated. This is because there is sales tax collected on many items and services. The amount of sales tax depends on where you live. How do you figure out the sales tax for your purchases? By using a simple equation.

Free Printable Receipt or Form for Work Completed

When you are a service provider a good practice to get into is handing out a printable receipt or form for completed work. This is especially useful when you need to split jobs into multiple time frames. Find a free printable receipt or form for completed work right here!

How Much Does a Taxi Cab Ride Cost?

If you live in an area that offers taxi service, you may find it invaluable when you have need for direct transportation. Taxis are also useful when you have multiple stops and can plan the trip. Before you travel, you should figure how much a taxi costs so you have the money before you go.

Build a House From Shipping Containers

Eco-friendly building has become more mainstream in the early 21st Century. A method used for years in Europe has now started becoming popular in America. This type of building is called “cargotecture” where housing is fabricated out of recycled shipping containers.

Free Sample of a Blank Taxi Cab Receipt: Download and Use Today

Driving a taxi is a lucrative business. Most customers simply tell you where they want to go and hand you the fare when you arrive at their destination. There are times when a customer may require proof of the trip and cost for business expenses. You can use a blank taxi cab receipt to record it.

Can I Make Maple Syrup Inside My House?

Can I make maple syrup inside my house? This question can be answered either yes or no – depending on your housing. In many cases it is possible, but not recommended. There are five reasons why this is true.

Do You Have to Pay Taxes on an Online Business?

You get income from the Internet, but do you have to pay taxes on an online business? Are you even classified as an online business? There are three types of tax you must know about if you work online. The checklist at the end of the article will help you determine if you have to pay.