Brian Nelson

Networking Windows 7 Windows XP

Networking with Windows 7 and Windows XP offers useful ways to share resources and files between computer systems. However, Windows XP and Windows 7 have different networking architectures that must be taken into account in order to successfully network both operating systems.

Gmail POP3 Settings: Configuring POP Settings for Gmail Accounts

Setting up a local email client or even accessing Gmail from a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet computer can often be accomplished by entering the correct POP3 setting configuration. Fortunately, Google’s POP mail settings are consistent and easy to use in most clients.

Printer Sharing Windows 7 Tips Guide

Few users require a dedicated printer attached to every computer. That is where Windows printer sharing comes in. By using a network to share a printer between users, resources can be used more wisely. These tips make printer sharing in Windows 7 easier.

HP InkJet Printer Windows 7 Compatibility

Nothing makes upgrading a computer more frustrating and less productive than ending up with software or hardware that won’t work with the new operating system. Before you upgrade to Windows 7, be sure to check that your HP InkJet Printer is compatible with Windows 7.