Brian Nelson

Best Bluetooth and USB Hub Options

Desktop computer USB ports fill up faster than a free-refills mug at Starbucks on a cold Monday morning. Laptops and netbooks are lucky to have just two or three USB slots, and Apple’s MacBook Air, only has two. Fortunately, a USB hub can expand your options. Pair it with Bluetooth for more fun.

APC Smart UPS Default Username Password Settings

A basic UPS has nothing to configure. Just plug it in and plug in the devices to be protected. However, more complicated units offer options for handling different scenarios. For those with administrative consoles, there is a username and password, although it is often forgotten.

Logitech Comfort Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard Mouse Combo

A wireless keyboard and mouse combo saves the hassle of installing two drivers, two receivers, and configuring two computer accessories. A comfortable wireless Logitech keyboard also makes typing productive, and simple. This shopping guide will sort through the new Logitech wireless keyboards.

Windows 7 Email Client

There are plenty of options out there for users who want a Windows 7 mail client installed on their computer. There might be too many options. Finding the right features and usability are the key to choosing the best email programs for Windows 7 to install on your computer.

Windows Media Player for Windows 7

Windows XP came with a basic media player. Although Microsoft has been producing improved and more advanced media players ever since, it never seems to get credit for anything other than what it included in Windows XP. Now, Windows Media Player for Windows 7 is ready for the spotlight. Or is it?

Windows 7 Home Premium Best Features

Windows 7 Home Premium is the default edition of Windows 7 for computers destined for the mainstream Windows user market. The latest Windows has plenty of improvements, but to get the most out Windows 7, here are some useful tips and tricks to maximize the best Windows 7 features.

The Best College Saving Accounts Available

College isn’t cheap and costs continue to go up. Saving for college over the long-term is one way to beat the high cost of attending college. Using the best college savings accounts ensures that you’ll have all the help you can get.

Belkin Wireless PC Card Antenna Extension

Wireless networking is a great way to add additional devices to a network without needing to run more wires. It can provide easier relocation of existing devices or even new mobility. However, unlike a wired network, it can be difficult to ensure that a wireless connection is fast and stable.

How To Activate View Background Images On Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a popular web browser that offers users the ability to customize many aspects of the user experience. However, desired features in Firefox can sometimes appear hidden or deactivated. Here is how to activate “View Background Images” on Firefox.

Firefox Download Manger Off Configuration Setting

One of the things that makes Firefox great is the ability to add extensions and add-ons that provide functionality that users want. When enough of a user community demands the same idea, features can then be incorporated into Firefox by the developers. Firefox Download Manager is one such feature.

Asus Laptop Eee PC

The Asus Eee line of netbook style laptop computers is popular for their innovations and low prices. But, with an ever growing lineup, how do you find which Asus Eee PC is right for you?

Poems for Funeral Programs

Funerals can be a trying time. Often, they occur without warning and unlike many of life’s other big events, there is a heaviness associated with them than can become a burden. Certain personal touches like selecting a poem for the funeral program should not be one of them.