Brian Nelson

Asus A626 Window Mobile PDA Review

There are two kinds of people in America today, those who think their phone should do a lot more even if it has to be bigger, and those who think their laptop should be a lot smaller, even if it has to do less. The ASUS A626 is for the latter people.

Scribus: Powerful Desktop Publishing for Free

Whether you already work in desktop publishing, or are just starting out, you’ve probably heard about the big, complex, expensive products used in DTP to generate high-quality printable documents. The names are familiar, Adobe, Quark, Microsoft. But, take a look at Scribus.

Quicken Home & Business Software Overview

If you run a small business you need to keep good records. But keeping records is a pain, which is why many small business owners turn to accounting software to help out. Quicken Home & Business is designed to keep those records, and handle your personal finances. Is it good? Lets take a look.

Can the HTC Touch Utilize Windows Mobile? Yes!

With the debut of Apple’s iPhone, other cell phone manufacturers have put some effort into touch screen cell phones for their product lines as well. One is the HTC Touch phone on the Sprint network. New versions are just around the corner, so how does this phone do in the Windows Mobile world?

Using Open Proxies for Privacy

A proxy server can be a useful resource to protect your online privacy. Setting up a proxy server isn’t feasible for most users. However, some proxy servers are provided online. Some are open, and others require a subscription. Either way, they can be a useful tool in shielding your privacy.

Use These Tools to Help Claim Home Office Tax Deduction

Claiming a home office deduction can save you BIG on your taxes. But, the IRS doesn’t like it when people try and fake a home office. However, only a fool passes up a deduction that they qualify for. Use these tools to help support your home office tax deduction.