Brian Nelson

2011 IRA Contribution Limits – SIMPLE IRA

A SIMPLE IRA is a great way to save and invest money for retirement. However, there are limits on how much can be contributed to a SIMPLE IRA. The 2011 IRA contribution limits for a SIMPLE are unchanged from 2010.

How Much Can I Contribute to My SEP IRA

A SEP-IRA is a tax-advantaged small business retirement plan. Like many other qualified plans, the limits on contributions are changed from time to time. Have there been any changes in the 2011 contribution limits?

Microsoft Intellipoint Wireless Mouse

Microsoft offers several brands of wireless mouse to choose from. However, the one connecting thread is that all of those Microsoft mice come with the Intellipoint software. How good is Intellipoint and what does it offer?

How to Upload a Geotag Photo to Google Earth

Google Earth is an amazing tool that allows for worldwide exploration. By geotagging your photos and uploading them, you can share your images with other users of Google Earth, or just have your own collection of geotagged photos displayed on your own copy of Google Earth.

What Is the Best Free Form Filler for Firefox?

Tired of typing the same things into the same fields on numerous forms every time you want to sign up for something or get a little more information? Now you can let your computer do what it does best, automate a repetitive task by installing one of the best free form filler for Firefox products.

Brother Label Printer and Microsoft Word

Brother manufactures several popular label printers. For each printer, it offers its own P-Touch Editor label printing software. But printing labels directly from Microsoft Word can be faster, more efficient, and even more flexible. All you have to do is get it set up to work properly first.

Windows 7 Save Printer Profile

A printer profile lets you save those meticulously tweaked settings for your printer. Once you have saved a printer profile in Windows 7, you won’t have to remember all of those little settings to get the right prints from your printer.

Netgear Windows 7 Drivers

Netgear offers a variety of networking equipment compatible with Windows 7. However, like all hardware, it requires the right drivers to work. Finding, installing, and troubleshooting Netgear Windows 7 drivers is easier with this guide.

Fancy Mouse Pads

Mouse pads are just so pedestrian. They don’t do much and they don’t look like much. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re willing to look, and maybe to spend, then you can have a fancy mousepad that blows the socks off of any mouse pad with some kid’s photo on it.

APC Smart UPS Default Username Password Settings

A basic UPS has nothing to configure. Just plug it in and plug in the devices to be protected. However, more complicated units offer options for handling different scenarios. For those with administrative consoles, there is a username and password, although it is often forgotten.