Beth Janicek

How To Find Your Grant: Women Back to School Health Care Funding

Federal agencies, individual institutions, and philanthropic foundations have all been known to grant women back to school health care funding. Knowing what funding is available, who is eligible, and where to find it are essential first steps to making the change to a new career.

Finding Audio Books Textbooks To Help You Learn

Want to make better use of your time? Thanks to audio books, textbooks are now much more portable and allow studying while multitasking. Here’s your guide to finding the best audio textbooks and audio study guides for that next course, or just for the love of learning.

Can Videotapes Be Recycled? Yes! But You Have To Know Where

Tired of your VHS tapes taking up shelf space? Weary that garage sale goers aren’t interested in this dinosaur of entertainment technology? Wondering “Can videotapes be recycled? No one wants these old movies, but I’d hate to throw them out.” Yes they can! Read on to learn proper VHS recycling.

Energy Saving Ideas: Trailer Home Edition

While every home benefits from exploring energy saving ideas, trailer home residents face unique challenges (and unique benefits) in regards to energy efficiency. Keep your home comfortable and your electricity bills low with the following trailer home energy saving advice.

Baby Basics: Simple Homemade Baby Shampoo Recipes

Infant hair care isn’t complicated, so why are there so many chemicals in store-bought baby shampoos? With plenty of homemade baby shampoo recipes to choose from, our basic recipe and step-by-step directions help you create simple, natural, and pure baby shampoo in no time at all.

Basics of How to Make Homemade Organic Soap

If you appreciate organic beauty products or enjoy making things from scratch, then learning how to make homemade organic soap will likely be a rewarding and fun experience for you. Here we provide an introduction to soap science, and a step-by-step recipe to help DIY soap-makers start simply.

Learn How To Plan An Eco-Friendly Trip

Deciding to plan an eco-friendly trip is a great way to travel. This guide lays out core elements for each aspect of your trip, including many before you even leave. From where you go to how you get there, and from what you eat to what you pack, we’ll show you how to best plan an eco-friendly trip.

Should You Use Baking Soda For Facial Cleanser?

Have you been curious as to whether it’s safe and effective to use baking soda for facial skin cleanser? From a look into baking soda’s scientific makeup to instructions for a baking soda mask, here’s your need-to-know guide for using baking soda to maintain healthy, attractive skin.

How To Raise Grass-fed Goats For Profit

Raising grassfed goats for profit takes patience and care, but can be rewarding (financially and otherwise) if you invest the time and effort required to do it right. Here, we focus specifically on the profit potential and business aspects of operating a grassfed goat production business.