Bobby Ivie

Recording Guitar to Computer Like a Pro

Forget about spending a lot of money to go into a studio to record music. And forget about doing it on a traditional tape recorder. These are the days when anyone can be a producer and make great recordings at home. From guitar to drums, you can create your own masterpiece on your computer.

The Ultimate Guitar Recording Software Available: Top 5 Picks

If you have ever had that guitar riff you created bouncing around in your head one day and forgot it the next, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. All you have to do is record it to your computer, and you will have it forever. We found five great products that will help you do that and more.

Sony Home Theater Systems Reviewed

Sony Home Theater Systems bring movie-theater quality entertainment into your living room. Sony not only keeps up with technology, they develop it; and they make it affordable for users to experience that quality, even in their low-end systems. Here are some great Sony systems we found on Amazon.

How to Compare Equity Investments Vs. Mutual Funds

Sometimes the riskiest investments can be the most rewarding, and other times they can, well, take us to the bank. If you have the stomach for the risk, investing in new companies can line your pockets in grand fashion. If not, you should probably stay with the masses in a safe mutual fund.