Camesha White

Top Google Calendar Widgets

Google calendar has quickly become the go to application for increased productivity and organization. Developers are constantly working to create plug-ins and add-ons to make using your Google calendar easy. Here are some of the most popular Google Calendar widgets.

How To Use Google Calendar

Is your schedule getting out of hand and costing you loads of productive time? Google Calendar will help you stay on top of your important dates, events and tasks.

Google Desktop Gadgets

Installing Google Desktop gadgets is easy and fun for any Google fanatic. Google Desktop gadgets allow you to view the time in another country, make Twitter updates, and more, all from your desktop.

Business Card Design Software

Don’t waste hours attempting to design a business card when there are numerous programs to help with this project. Here is a list of the best business card design software on the market.

Top 5 Uses of Desktop Publishing Software

With so many taking advantage of desktop publishing, it difficult to put a finger on what desktop publishing is actually used for. There are many uses of desktop publishing software and this article explains these uses, and more importantly who employs them.

What to Put on a Business Card

Designing a business card isn’t simply pasting your personal info onto a card. Certain elements are needed to make sure your business card isn’t lost among the others. Here are the elements needed to design the perfect business card.